Your Name

All my years you’ve shown me

To look beyond what I see 

To truly listen to what I hear

To feel deep within every beat of my heart 

That I am crafted along with this Sun

The Waves of the sea are made alive

With the same air you breathe into me

The Light in stars is the same light

You’ve planted inside this dim heart

The Gravity holding me upright

Is the same Gravity

Pulling, drawing me closer to you.

Maybe I’m not made to decipher

How the Sand is who I was,

Who I am,

And who I will be.

Maybe there will be no Algorithm

To figure out who you are,

To slow down the Years,

To love as you have loved.

But even the Sun,

the Waves of the sea, 

The Light in the stars, 

The Gravity holding me,

Knows your Name.


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