The Search

Little did she know; Everything one could wish for was hers. She lets it all slip through her fingers; Because she wanted something better. So, she began to search. She searches for something better; …For adventure …For light …For love It was within her all along…

The Unsaid

There, in silence Said deep within the abyss, Its echo resounds. As words limit, It remains Unseen,Unspoken,Unheard. Its absence elevates its presence. We feign its existence. But nonetheless, it’s there. In silence. Echoing deep in the abyss, It resounds as whispers in the morning air.

Peter Pan

When I am lost in my own wanderings, There you find me; In the aftermath of war, In glass heart shatterings.   Youth, Power, Fame, Fortune– All I have fully embraced Yet all was futile, An incomplete puzzle; So, I abandon what I have embraced.   When I am lost In my wanderings, I find… Continue reading Peter Pan


Million shapes on landscapes; A brilliant placid display; On a distant horizon;  Encompassing the raging seas.  You are a rabbit, a pirate ship, a girl’s curly hair. You come and you go; From where and where to no one knows. You collected memories; White as Snow or grey as Crimson. When your heart has had… Continue reading Clouds